About Us

Our Roots

Raised around race cars and motorcycles, the passion for things mechanical, riding and customizing to better fit use has been in our blood since our earliest days. With motorcycles, we look beyond the badge on the tank, rather we look to relationships with riders and our shared passion.

Why We Ride

Getting away from the worries of the day to clear our minds, feeling the wind in our faces, seeing the world without glass barriers and experiencing it with all our senses – all those answers that people offer when asked why they ride are the same reasons we ride. Some of our best ideas come to life during time in the saddle, allowing us the visualize their design and usage. Sharing the experience with others furthers that enjoyment.

Why We Design

When we look at a bike, we see what is and envision what could be. We ask questions and listen to riders about what they like and what they want. Blending customer input with our experience and design ideology, we strive to build uniquely refined products that go a bit further.